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Nicola Draper Draper Hinks business broker for accountants

Draper Hinks has sold over 100 accountancy practices in the last few years. We are business brokers and only sell accountancy practices, we are experts in this field.

We deal with sellers looking to sell immediately or at some point in the future. We deal with buyers who are experienced in buying or who have never bought before. We deal with accountants who are at a cross roads and don’t know whether to sell or buy. We deal with small practices and multi-partner practices anywhere in the country.

Draper Hinks was started in 2000 by Chris Hinks and Nicola Draper. Chris Hinks has since retired and Nicola has grown an enviable reputation in the market place for her knowledge of how to broker a deal between a seller and a buyer. We can help you if you are:-

Wanted - More sellers

Please note, sellers are not charged a brokerage fee.