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Whether you are considering selling an accountancy practice or buying an accountancy practice, large or small, or even a block of fees, Draper Hinks can help.

We have been trading since 2000 and have a lot of experience in this field and can find the right solution that works for you.

Practice management: Planning for change
Expand, sell, retire or give up? Accountants often reach a crossroads when decisions need to be made about their practices’ future - but it pays to plan ahead, explains Nicola Draper.  more...

Money management: Selling a practice
Before you buy or sell a practice or block of fees, you need the financial facts at your fingertips, writes Nicola Draper.  more...

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How do I value my accountancy practice?
Unlike most commercial valuations, it has become convention to value accountancy practices, especially smaller practices, by applying a multiple of sustainable turnover.   more...

How long will it take to sell my business?
The quickest sale we have dealt with was agreed within a week. However, on average, it takes six to nine months.

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Sellers are not charged a broker fee

We do not have a list of practices for sale on our website because we have sold them.
If you are thinking about retiring or having a career change please fill in our enquiry form on our contact page or call us on 01788 816440.

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